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Ruchulu Kitchen is a traditional Indian cuisine restaurant conveniently located at an approachable point in 800 W Eldorado Pkwy, Little elm, Texas, USA. With a captivating and glazing frontage along with commodious space, Ruchulu Kitchen serves aromatic and exquisite Indian food. Visit us for a morning breakfast or a meal and we assure that you will not forget the memory of your time here. Our seasoned chefs put their heart and soul to make every dish special for you. Select any dish from the menu that suits you and feel the taste of authentic Indian cuisine.

Ruchulu Kitchen boasts a widely varied menu which includes traditional and authentic Indian dishes from various Indian regions like Hyderabad, Andhra, Chettinadu, Udupi, Deccan and Southern coastal region. We also serve classic Indian dishes along with Tandoori flavours from Northern India and much more. Our menu contains miscellany diet options which cater to all people with varied food interests. Quality is something we never compromise on, so we choose the superlative of all seasonal local ingredients and serve you the food which takes a top spot in the locale.

Ruchulu translates to English as “Tastes”, like our name suggests we bring you the Taste of India, the land of spices. Our culinary philosophy is to celebrate the best of Indian food. Ruchulu Kitchen brings you the best of traditional Indian recipes which are made with an exceptional combination of seasonings and spices to give you the best of Indian tastes. From quick breakfast to scrumptious dine meal; Ruchulu Kitchen has something to offer for everyone. Visit us at 800 W Eldarado Pkwy Ste#127 Little Elm, Texas for a pleasant and unforgettable dining experience.